Trust Performance

Trust Performance

Discovery Dashboard

We are keen to ensure that our schools perform well in all aspects of their work.

To enable us to track a wide range of school performance measures carefully and on a regular basis we have developed our Discovery Dashboard.

Information relating to various areas of each school’s work is entered into the Discovery Dashboard by automatic data transfer or by Trust staff at regular intervals within each term.

Information collected includes that relating to pupil attendance, aspects of pupil well-being and their academic attainment and progress. We focus on outcomes of classes and year groups and of specific pupil groups.

Our Discovery Dashboard also enables us to record and track the financial management of each of our schools.

Measuring Pupil Attainment and Progress

All children have full access to the National Curriculum through lessons that are planned to meet their needs. Their attainment is continually assessed as they learn in lessons. Teachers assess pupils’ achievements and progress against a set of National Standards and record these on an electronic tracking system. Analysis of this data helps teachers to plan the next steps for each child’s learning.

Each half term key aspects of data held in each school’s tracker is transferred to the Discovery Dashboard.

Senior staff within DSAT use the information held within the Discovery Dashboard to check the performance of each school and to provide support where necessary.

Current Performance in DSAT Schools

The majority of schools in DSAT are achieving well academically. Where schools have entered DSAT with significant concerns about their academic achievement we have used effective monitoring, intervention and support procedures to accelerate progress. This has resulted in sustained improvement and progress towards a good or better standard of performance in all key areas measured.

Our Director of School Improvement and Director of Quality Assurance visit DSAT schools on a regular basis and work with our Headteachers and their staff to monitor standards. If a school requires specific additional support in an area of provision we engage the support of Specialist Leaders of Education from the Trust to provide support.