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Stakeholder voice

One of the key values of our trust is democracy to ensure that stakeholder voice is listened to at all levels. To ensure this is the case we have a number of consistent approaches in all Discovery Schools which enable stakeholder voice.


Parent Support Workers

Each of our schools appoints at least one parent support worker to ensure that parents and carers have a point of contact to feedback on any changes that take place. PSW will host regular meetings with the school community to understand local needs and prominent issues effecting families.

Pupil Parliament

Each school in Discovery elects a pair of Parliament representatives who join in with 6 annual full DSAT Parliament sessions. At these action packed days children engage in the setting of new ‘laws’ which are then raised with the Headteachers for trust wide agreement each with a view of promoting pupil voice.

School Councils

Each of our schools has a well functioning school council helping to ensure pupil voice at a school level. These councils have a key role to play within the schools improvement journey and will be involved in recruitment and selection of members of staff as a part of their role.

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