Governance in our schools

Governance in Our Schools

The purpose of governance is to provide confident strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance. Governance Handbook DfE January 2017

Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence, and the Trust values – Integrity, Democracy, Altruism, Improvement and Connectivity - are fundamental to delivering good governance.

Multi-academy trusts (MAT) have additional governance and management layers for engagement at different levels of commitment and skill. At Discovery School Academy Trust the Board of Trustees (sometimes known as the board of directors or governing body) is ultimately responsible for governance of the schools in the trust and is accountable for their performance. To support effective governance, the Board delegates governance functions to be carried out regionally through a Cluster Governing Body and Central Executive Team, and locally through the school Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board have some delegated decision-making authority and play a key role in influencing the development of the school offering their experience and expertise to strengthen the decision-making process to support the strategic development of the school and ensure it is meeting the needs of the children.

The functions of the Advisory Board are set out in the Trust Scheme of Delegation which sets out the requirements of the Trust and details where the Trustees delegate governance functions locally. See individual school websites for details of their Advisory Board arrangements.

DSAT is always keen to hear from people who may be interested in finding out more about our work; initial contact can be made through the clerk.

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