Leadership Networks


At Discovery Schools Academy Trust we are keenly aware of the vital role that leaders at all levels play in the successful development of their schools. We nurture their skills and talents and develop their practice by enabling them to work together collaboratively in networks.

Each Leadership Network is steered by an experienced teacher with specialist knowledge and experience of their area of responsibility. A senior DSAT System Leader facilitates each Leadership Network to ensure that the development of practices across our schools aligns with our Trust vision, ethos and strategic priorities.

Our Leadership Networks keep the needs of children at the heart of all that they do. Leaders annually agree a Strategic Action Plan for their network which is matched to the developing priorities for their area within the overall DSAT Strategic Plan. Progress towards Network Action Plans is reviewed at each meeting to ensure we are on track to meet our priorities.

Leadership Networks typically keep all subject leaders abreast of developments in their area of responsibility. They work together to raise standards through joint policy and practice development and through sharing training opportunities.

The development of a challenging and motivational shared curriculum and of clear and accurate assessment practices are key areas that all of our Leadership Network groups focus on. Leaders share successful models of planning and teaching. Each term they jointly moderate the accuracy of assessment outcomes to ensure precision in planning and teaching at all levels.

Within our Leadership Networks exciting additional opportunities are planned that bring children from Discovery Schools together to take part in festivals, conferences and competitions. Examples of this are:

  • Children's conferences in Maths, Science and IT
  • Joint Literacy-based events including ‘Bananagrams’ Spelling Bee; Poetry Recital; Writing Competition; Book Awards
  • A vast array of inter-school events and competitions relating to a variety of sports
  • Inter-school arts events including DSAT Pantomime and our Spring Festival of the Arts
  • End of year DSAT Awards evening to celebrate the successes of children and staff in all areas of school life

Leadership Networks currently meet each half term to develop the following areas of our practice:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • ICT
  • The Arts
  • PE and Sport
  • EYFS
  • Assessment
  • Pupil Premium
  • Parent Partnerships
  • SEND

National Leaders of Education

Paul Stone
Discovery Schools Academy Trust

Jon Brown
Discovery Schools Academy Trust

David Briggs
Kibworth CE Primary School

Catherine Winterton
Danemill Primary School

Local Leaders of Education

Dawn White
Discovery Schools Academy Trust

Affinity System Leaders

Julia Hancock
Asfordby Captain's Close Primary School

Debbie Sedgwick
Leighfield Academy

Specialist Leaders of Education

Lisa Gackowska
Asforby Captain's Close Primary School

Lisa Stewart
Barwell C.E. Academy

Vicky Newman
Barwell C.E. Academy

Lisa Bishop
Barwell C.E. Academy

Jenny Ruane
Barwell C.E. Academy

Marjorie Allen-Carter
Barwell C.E. Academy

Katie Harris
Barwell C.E. Academy

Becky Hockley
Danemill Primary School

Emma Todd
Danemill Primary School

Tracey Lawrence
Danemill Primary School

Tracey Voss
Danemill Primary School

Kevin Mclaughlin
Farndon Fields Academy

Jo Stone
Fossebrook Primary School

Danielle Marks
Kibworth CE Primary School

Lauren O'Flynn
Mowmacre Hill Primary School

Kayt Hennesey
Mowmacre Hill Primary School

Tim Gilbert
Mowmacre Hill Primary School

Sarah Eaton
Parkland Primary School

Jo Andrews
Parkland Primary School

Ashah Deen
Parkland Primary School

Rachael Durham
Parkland Primary School

Sarah Bishop
Parkland Primary School

Nikki Turner
Sileby Redlands Community Primary School

Sarah Sadler
Woolden Hill Primary School