Discovery Schools Trust Pupil Parliament

Establishing a pupil voice across the Trust


Our Pupil Parliament is made up of elected representatives from each school. Each school provides two cabinet members who undertake a ministerial role and meet together three times a year to design and propose “Bills” for the Houses of Commons to debate and decide upon.

We have four Houses of Commons made up of elected Members of Discovery Parliament (MDPs) from each school. Each House meets three times a year to consider the “Bills” proposed by the Discovery Cabinet. They take a vote on each Bill using the phrase ‘Ayes to right and No’s to the left’. If Bills are passed they become Laws across our Trust and all schools follow them. If the Bill is rejected, it then returns to the Discovery Cabinet for further consideration. All Bills pass through the House of Lords, the Headteachers of our schools, for review before being submitted to a vote. Mr. Stone, our CEO, acts as the Speaker of the House in each House of Commons. So as you can see our Pupil Parliament is very similar to, and follows the same processes as, our National Parliament.

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Useful Forms

Here are some of the documents we use to help us when we are conducting our Parliament work. Feel free to download them and use them.

Our Trip to The Houses of Parliament

In March 2016, Discovery Schools Trust visited the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. MDPs took part in workshops on Your Voice and Making Laws, as well as having a tour. Click here to see how the trip went!

Meeting RT Hon Nicky Morgan, Education Minister

In December 2015 we were lucky enough to meet Nicky Morgan when she visited one of our schools. We asked her the following questions and these were her answers:

Q. We have learned that schools in Leicestershire get less money to spend on children's education than schools in the rest of our country. We think this is unfair and ask if you can help to change this?
A. I am working on this – watch this space!

Q. Some of our teachers have been to see Maths teaching in China and we have had Chinese teachers in our schools. What are your thoughts on the way teaching happens in China?
A. We can learn from each other. China has their strengths and we have ours, we can learn from each other.

Q. We are thinking about changing our school holidays so that we have a shorter time off in summer and a week more holiday in October. Do you think this is a good idea?
A. I think it is something worth exploring.

Q. Our schools are getting bigger and bigger with more and more children and no space to spare. Do you think there is an ideal size for a primary school?
A. I am not sure there is an ideal class size, but we need to make sure money is put into it.